Tourism, Food and Energy – Key Pillars of the Bold Tapuae Roa: Make Way for Taranaki Strategy

The vision of Tapuae Roa comprises three key things: attractive lifestyle, talented people and a modern high-value economy.

“To have any one of these on a sustained basis, you have to have all three. To have a great lifestyle, you have to have a modern high-value economy. To have a modern high-value economy you have to have talented people. Part of the attraction for talented people is the lifestyle,” says Lead Team Chair Peter Tennent.

“The strategy is a bold and Team Taranaki approach. This vision is our compass, the power of us all working together will mean we are unstoppable, so watch out New Zealand!” says Team Lead Chair Peter Tennent.

Tapuae Roa has two parts. Firstly, ‘showing the way’ by investigating how to develop the tourism sector further, how to build on the existing food products and processes, and how to build on the knowledge and expertise of the existing energy industry.

Secondly, ‘making way’ by progressing six areas that will enable the economy to move more efficiently: transport access; science, research and technology; talent and training; Maori; innovation; and investment.

“We are sitting on some real opportunities but we are also staring at some real threats. We have to make the most of the wealth above our feet – our people – as well as that beneath our feet. We can’t rely on energy and dairy to carry us through. They are both facing their own challenges. If we can’t provide jobs and especially good jobs, the quality of our community life will suffer,” says Peter Tennent.

The Lead Team is: Peter Tennent (Chair), Wharehoka Wano (Deputy Chair), Neil Holdom, David MacLeod, Bronwyn Muir, Dan Radcliffe, Robin Brockie,  Scott Walls, Kevin Murphy, Sophie Braggins, Andrew Clennett, , Te Pahunga (Marty) Davis, Liana Poutu, Al Morrison. 


Having set the strategic direction, the next step is an Action Plan that all parties can invest in such as local and central government, business and community interests. It will be completed by the end of the year.

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